Saturday, February 13, 2016

My open letter to VC of JNU

Dear Vice Chancellor of JNU,

I could not find any other way to put forth my thoughts before you at the time when it’s certain that an upset Indian’s words are bound to get muffled.

I am an ordinary Indian whose grandparents sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom and by doing so like all other freedom fighters, made a significant contribution to the freedom of speech we have today. I would also like mention at the outset that I am not affiliated to any political party and the only vested interest I have in writing to you is my country’s integrity.

People outside JNU campus seem to be more informed than you about the events that have been unfolding in your campus in past few days. You must be at least aware that JNU students’ education is heavily subsidised and that their cost is incurred by tax payers of the country. Tax payers work day and night, earn the money and then give it away for the education of students of your university. The tax payer does that so that students study well, learn and then work for the betterment of our nation. Since our Constitution is liberal enough to grant such students freedom that they study with our money and then work for their own benefits, I accept it like I do with any other premier institutions of India. However, under no circumstance we pay and bear the cost of students so that they can study, learn and then destroy this country itself.

Students must discuss and critique as it leads to advancement. They should discuss scholars and existing theories, not terrorists who have tried to disintegrate our motherland and attacked the temple of democracy.

Our Constitution gives us freedom to form association and that is being misused at your campus. Various students’ associations at your JNU campus are not only being used to propagate ant-national sentiments but also it is being used to hold anti-national programs in broad daylight. You may have been appointed as VC of JNU because of your political affiliation with any political party but since you are the custodian of the campus today, you must show some spine and ensure that you discharge your duties appropriately. Mind you Mr. VC that JNU is an educational institution, not a political platform for anti-national students to launch their political career in the name of being intellectual. It is also a well known fact that such students with distorted thoughts later become teachers at JNU and further inculcate such anti-nationalism among students in the garb of academic activities. Suspending the students or even rusticating them is not the solution. You need to uproot these traitors thoroughly and without delay. Therefore, I request you to suspend all student associations in the campus for at least 5 years and put a committee in place to check the activities of the teaching staffs so that the focus remains on constructive education.
India does not need such pseudo-intellectuals who take pride in using the word “Nationalist” as an abuse. 

We do not want such so called intellectuals who talk of disintegrating Union of India and who glorify terrorism and violence in the name of academics, that too with my money.

Sincerely yours,
Dibyanshu Pandey


  1. You have written down common man's voice. These are valid questions and VC should answer.

  2. You have written down common man's voice. These are valid questions and VC should answer.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I hope the message reaches Vice Chancellor Mr. MJ Kumar.